Create projects without any IDE

Forge is a command line tool that provides tasks for creating and managing F# projects.

Simple command line interface

No IDE required, no GUIs, no complex wizards. A simple way of scaffolding new projects.


Forge is an F# application, which runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Open Source

Developed by the F# Community, maintained by core contributors to multiple F# projects.

Features overview

  • Project scaffolding

    Create new F# projects using set of templates for most common types of applications.

  • Managing project files

    Add, remove and order F# source files in any existing F# project.

  • Project references

    Add and remove project, framework and GAC references.

  • Paket and FAKE integration

    Manage your Paket dependencies and run your FAKE scripts using one tool.

  • Solution managment (Planned)

    Create new solutions, scaffold them using ProjectScaffold, add and remove projects and files from existing solutions.

  • Aliases (Planned)

    Create custom command aliases to shape Forge into tool perfect for your individual workflow.

Help us

Forge is an open source project developed by F# Community hosted on GitHub.